Congratulations to the Cashman Law Firm’s “Future Blue v. Does 1-300” clients, now severed and dismissed.

Congratulations to our clients and to all defendants in the “Future Blue, Inc. v. Does 1-300” case (1:10-cv-06256), dismissed in the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. See attached order below.

As you can see by the order, the case has been severed and dismissed because of improper joinder.  The interesting caveat to keep an eye on, however, is Judge Conlon’s opening to Steele Hansmeier to file an amended complaint by July 11, 2011. While we have already notified our clients of the dismissal, we will continue to monitor this case to determine whether there is any residual activity that might bring this old dog back to life.

For now, it appears as if the “future” is not so “blue” after all…

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