New Malibu Media, LLC Cases – Friend or Foe? Foe.


This is concerning. As we discussed in our New “Copyright Troll” on the Block article earlier this month, Malibu Media, LLC has continued to add to their number of lawsuits filed up and down the U.S.  Since our last posting, the following new Malibu Media, LLC cases have been added to an already long list. … Read more

New Arizona Rule: You are only properly joined with those you upload to or download from.

Arizona federal courts now apply FRCP Joinder Rule to apply only to bittorrent swarms the defendant participated in.

UPDATE 3: More of Mike Meier bittorrent cases consolidated.

All of Mike Meier’s NY-based Bittorrent cases consolidated by New York Federal Judge Forrest so that she can adjudicate them together.

Malibu Media Copyright Troll – The “New Kids on the Block”.


Meet your new Malibu Media copyright troll. There seems to be a new production company who has decided that it is a better business model for them to start suing internet users (e.g., copyright trolling) rather than selling their cheap flicks on the internet one by one. The company name is Malibu Media, LLC, and … Read more

New York Judge consolidates and freezes SMALLER BITTORRENT CASES for plaintiff attorney.

Within the same breath of learning that Copyright Enforcement Group’s (“CEG”) attorney Mike Meier will be taking over Terik Hashmi’s Northern District of Florida bittorrent cases, in a twist of comedic tragedy for plaintiff attorney Mike Meier, I learned that FIVE of his Southern District of New York cases have been joined together, and “additional … Read more