(WAWD) R & D Film 1, LLC files suit against 315 Defendants using local counsel Richard Symmes

The Divide - New Copyright Trolls

The first time I wrote about R & D Film 1, LLC was in July, 2012 (see,”‘The Divide’ — Copyrighted Bait, New Copyright Trolls“).  In that article, R&D Film 1, LLC was suing John Doe Defendants for the alleged download of their “C-RATED” movie, “The Divide” (my version of the image is above indicating that a copyright troll was overseeing the production of the film). After six months of collecting settlements from accused defendants, it appears as if they are at it again suing new defendants, and this time, they are doing it using local counsel Richard Symmes.

If you don’t remember my post about Richard Symmes (see, “More and More Trolls“).  Richard is the one who filed six (6) lawsuits against a total of 330 defendants on behalf of Kintop Pictures, Inc. The funny about the Kintop Pictures cases is that without explanation, Symmes dismissed ALL OF THE CASES. We at the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC thought his law firm had grown a conscience and that they came to the understanding that suing individual defendants for the download of their client’s flick was immoral. I guess we were the ones who were naive. Here are his new lawsuits:

R & D Film 1 LLC v. Does 1-46 (Case No. 2:13-cv-00050)
R & D Film 1 LLC v. Does 1-45 (Case No. 2:13-cv-00051)
R & D Film 1 LLC v. Does 1-41 (Case No. 2:13-cv-00052)
R & D Film 1 LLC v. Does 1-22 (Case No. 2:13-cv-00053)
R & D Film 1 LLC v. Does 1-51 (Case No. 2:13-cv-00054)
R & D Film 1 LLC v. Does 1-50 (Case No. 2:13-cv-00055)
R & D Film 1 LLC v. Does 1-44 (Case No. 2:13-cv-00056)
R & D Film 1 LLC v. Does 1-16 (Case No. 2:13-cv-00057)

In total, on January 8th, 2013, Richard Symmes sued a total of 315 John Doe Defendants, all apparently living in Washington.

What annoys me about the R & D Film 1, LLC lawsuits is that they have been suing defendants for SIX MONTHS NOW for the SAME MOVIE. In each of their new lawsuits, they specifically state the specific title of bittorrent file was allegedly downloaded. If they have had SIX MONTHS to ponder the so-called “piracy” of the films, don’t you think they had enough time to send at least one DMCA “takedown” notice to the bittorrent website(s) who are hosting these same torrent files? Or, do you think that they are LOVING this “sue my customer” strategy? Quite frankly, a judge should have them show proof that they have taken steps to police their copyrights by filing the DMCA “takedown” letters with the websites hosting the torrents containing the pirated content, and if they cannot offer this proof, in my opinion, the judge should dismiss the case.

“By the way, if you are downloading “The Divide” on bittorrent and you can see those seeding the files to you in your bittorrent swarm, tell R & D Film 1, LLC that I say hello.”

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    15 thoughts on “(WAWD) R & D Film 1, LLC files suit against 315 Defendants using local counsel Richard Symmes”

    1. I am momentarily intrigued…
      You wouldn’t happen to know which hash they are using in these suits would you?
      Or who their “expert” is…

      I mean its not like I have a hobby of bending search engines to my will to locate first appearances, and tracking IPs for fun…

    2. It looks like Mr. Symmes has recently filed a few new Copyright Infingement suits against a number of Does on behalf of Private Lenders Group, Inc and Flypaper Distribution, LLC. Does anybody know what these suits are in relation to?

        • My ISP Comcast has sent me a letter (not certified) saying that Symmes and R&D Films have subpoena for my information. They did not indicate which movie, but it is the John Doe 1-16 on the case file The Divide. I contacted a local WA lawyer, and he says I should settle now before they get my information (he also knows the plaintiff). This sounds like admitting guilt, when I am not. I have never even heard of the terrible movie that is in question (I’m guessing it is the above mentioned), and my IP is dynamic (it is always changing). Should I lawyer up now (at a cost of $xxxx), or should I wait to see if this will go away? I do not want these extortionist to have my information.

          • I have replied to your comment via e-mail, but the only portion of the comment I would like to share with everyone reading your post is to be careful what you pay for. In sum, you get what you pay for. If an attorney is charging you $300, chances are, he or she expects to spend only an hour on your lawsuit. $500, perhaps two hours. Is this the kind of lawyer you want working on a case where you have $150,000 to lose? Same explanation on the high side. If an attorney asks you for a non-refundable $5,000 retainer fee, ask yourself how many “hours” of work you will be getting in return, and whether that attorney will spend that amount of time on your case.

    3. Mr Symmes is currently threatening my landlady over a movie called Zambezia. he has a subpoena filed for Info on all residents.

    4. Just received a letter from Costco too. However I don’t see a settlement fee and plus it doesn’t specify which file that was downloaded. My family is stressed and don’t know if what to do.

    5. So can I get some legal advice? I live in a house with multiple people and received the notice from comcast about this, Saying it was downloaded. I would love an email about what to do exactly and get out of this as cheaply as possible or for nothing? No idea what to do.

    6. I am also a part of this. I have an unsecured network and I am thinking someone around me downloaded this movie seeing as I don’t download movies, or have ever heard of this movie before. I have to call and talk to the judge at the end of this month. What exactly am I supposed to say exactly? This is just more b.s. to have to deal with.


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