CEG-TEK’s DMCA Settlement Letters – What are my chances of being sued if I ignore?

As you can see, I am taking some time educating individuals involved in the Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG-TEK) / Ira Siegel DMCA letters being sent to thousands of individuals across the U.S. by their www.CopyrightSettlements.com system. RECAP: Read these articles first. As a recap, anyone involved in receiving such a letter should read the following … Read more

New unbelievably brazen fraud: Internet Copyright Law Enforcement Agency

I am horrified by reading Sophisticated Jane Doe (SJD)’s story about the Copyright Law Enforcement Agency. Quite frankly, I was already of the opinion that some of the copyright trolls needed to be disbarred and some needed some jail time for the fraudulent activities they appear to have taken part in, and this was when … Read more

Why CEG-TEK’s DMCA settlement system will FAIL.

This is a rather tricky article to write, especially since I am setting some copyright trolls apart from others, and I am unsure whether this is a good idea or not. It is my opinion that the “Six Strikes” System which has recently gone into effect will ultimately kill Copyright Enforcement Group’s (CEG-TEK)’s “CopyrightSettlements.com” settlement … Read more

CA District Court Decides on the Definition of Copyright Infringement

A California Court Defines BitTorrent Copyright Infringement. Many things just happened in the Central District of California which no doubt will affect many (if not all of the Ingenuity 13 LLC cases, along with all of the Guava cases, and the AF Holdings LLC) cases. In short, California is no longer a troll-friendly place to … Read more