Prenda Law Inc. is essentially finished.

Sometimes there are no words other than silence to best express the thoughts I have about Judge Wright’s order essentially referring John Steele and the Prenda Law Inc. gang to the IRS’ Criminal Investigation Division (CID) for all the settlements on which no taxes were paid. There is one police agency that a criminal organization does not want to be contacted by, and that is the CID.

The $81K in sanctions essentially funds the lead attorneys who spent time on this case. And, the referral to the bar associations means that the principals at Prenda Law Inc. may no longer have their law licenses shortly.

In sum, there is not much for me to comment here, except to be silent, because the judge’s order itself says all it needs to. Copyright trolling may seem profitable for the attorneys filing the lawsuits, but no money can compensate for the loss of freedom that one experiences when what was once a multi-million dollar law practice lands the principles in prison for tax evasion. This should be a lesson to all other copyright trolls out there. Judge yourselves accordingly.

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    6 thoughts on “Prenda Law Inc. is essentially finished.”

    1. Isn’t it nice…
      We might disagree on copyright, we might disagree on the law, but we can all come together to agree this was a long time coming. 😀

    2. If you read the actual order with all the Star Trek “trekkie” references, I couldn’t help but to wonder why all the comedy in such a serious document. It occurred to me that the Trekkie references set a comedic tone which will help to insulate this order from being overturned at a higher level at some later point should they choose to appeal the order.

      Judge Wright also purposefully did not order a multi-million dollar sanction not because he was afraid Steele would move the money out of the account, but rather, because having such a low sanctions order and a “mere” referral to the IRS’ Criminal Investigation Division, to the state bar ethics committees, and to the Attorney General are gestures meant to discourage John Steele and his cohorts from appealing the order.

      Simply brilliant. This judge had my respect before. Now he has trebled it.

      • There is also the ability to keep it in peoples memories.
        With a common theme running through the document, it will stick with people.
        I would have LOVED to see a huge judgement, but I want to see them in pain. It would have diluted the punch of the document as a whole.

        Staggering Chutzpah sticks in the memory pretty good too…


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