New unbelievably brazen fraud: Internet Copyright Law Enforcement Agency

I am horrified by reading Sophisticated Jane Doe (SJD)’s story about the Copyright Law Enforcement Agency. Quite frankly, I was already of the opinion that some of the copyright trolls needed to be disbarred and some needed some jail time for the fraudulent activities they appear to have taken part in, and this was when they were filing CIVIL COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT lawsuits in federal court. Reading this story, I am offended by the activities of this group, and no doubt the FBI and other law enforcement agencies will take note of their actions. In my opinion, this kind of activity raises to the levels of Ransomware and other flat-out illegal activities, and I have no doubt they will be shut down by law enforcement agencies just as fast as I am typing this comment.

For these reasons, I am not writing my own separate article on this topic, but I am merely re-posting SJD’s article below.

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