Judge rules troll complaint doesn’t meet pleading standards.

This is big… BIG news. Having a judge rule that the boilerplate copyright infringement complaint is insufficient forces the “copyright troll” attorneys to write more specific allegations… something they would like to avoid AT ALL COSTS. This is one judge in one federal court, but now there is case law in Washington that the other judges must follow as “law.” Other federal courts in other states will refer to this case for support, but they will not be bound by it. Looking for more rulings like this one in other federal courts. Go justice!

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    5 thoughts on “Judge rules troll complaint doesn’t meet pleading standards.”

    1. Thank you, Rob.

      I receive feedback mostly from attorneys, and it is natural: a layperson who reads this for the first time, expectedly reacts “so what?” Tech media is silent on this huge issue while reacting promptly to Prenda farcical yet insignificant happenings: we should do our best to emphasize the significance of Judge Lasnik’s ruling.

    2. I have been recently hit by a torrent troll. It’s with The Company You Keep with the parting being Voltage Pictures. The Law Firm is Takiguchi & Vogt. They are asking for $3500. I called the lawyer and asked him lets negotiate a lower price. Got it down to $2250 but have not signed anything. What options do I have? Is it better to settle then deal with the headaches of this hovering over one’s head. If I settle does this mean that they can’t come after me anymore or will their be other lawsuits after settling? The law firm has been known to file individual suits. I’m just trying to weigh my options.


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