Why Character evidence is Really Fake Evidence.

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Copyright trolls jump through hoops to prove that a particular “John Doe” defendant downloaded a particular movie. Because they cannot prove copyright infringement, instead, they will spy into the internet connections of their accused defendants and determine what OTHER movies that accused defendant downloaded. They use those additional downloads as inadmissible ‘character evidence’ to assert that the defendant downloaded this accused movie too.

Turnkey Settlement Factory Defense Attorneys and Malibu Media LLC


MALIBU MEDIA DEFENDANTS HAVE IT TOUGH ENOUGH Malibu Media, LLC v. Doe lawsuits have plagued the US federal courts so far with over 6,000 lawsuits filed nationwide.  The burden to the courts to manage each of these cases is large.  The emotional and financial burden to families faced with subpoenas sent to their ISPs forcing … Read more

Why I would not put Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Using Kodi on an Amazon Fire Stick might not get you sued for copyright infringement, but it puts you at risk by exposing your IP address and your activities.

When is it too late to hire a lawyer in a John Doe lawsuit?

ISP Subpoena Timeline & Anonymity Timeline

The best time to hire an attorney is immediately when the ISP sends the subpoena letter indicating you have been implicated as a John Doe in the lawsuit.