999,000 views on our TorrentLawyer website. Thank you!

I suppose it is more appropriate to celebrate when a blog surpasses 1 million views — probably because the website owner doesn’t see the 999,000 mark because he’s not paying attention.

But with the recent fiasco of learning that CEG-TEK possibly has become RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT (#RightsEnforcement), or at the very least, their entire business infrastructure and proprietary BitTorrent tracking technology, along with their client list has been possibly sold or licensed to Carl Crowell, I’m paying attention to the analytics because the analytics are helping me to piece together the story.

999,000 page hits results in roughly 345,000 unique visitors since we started the blog in mid-2010. Subtract the regular visitors (including myself and my staff) and compare that number with the number of BitTorrent-based copyright infringement lawsuits that have been filed.

Considering that I have always been careful to make our blog a contribution to the fight against ‘copyright trolls’, seeing this number gives me satisfaction that at least our message is being heard.

I remain a loyal advocate for each of you, and it continues to be a daily adventure to fight the misapplication and misuse of copyright law against BitTorrent users.

-Rob (@6:10am, from my cell phone)

P.S. – Coincidentally, as I posted this message, WordPress informed me that this was my 200th post. How exciting!

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