Malibu Media California cases ordered to reveal geolocation accuracy.


Malibu Media targets accused defendants who live in ‘wealthy’ neighborhoods and ignores defendants who they believe do not have the ‘assets’ to pay them the ransom they demand from each accused downloader.

Malibu Media Copyrights No Longer Filed, but X-Art is still FILMING?


What I do not understand is why they are not filing copyrights for these new films. There must be a REASON — a tactical reason — whether it is to scheme, scam, or extort money from some family or some internet user who has stumbled upon their films. Why to date are there ZERO copyright filings for their new movies?

Malibu Media movies, and why it is important to know this list.


Malibu Media, LLC is no longer in the adult movie business, but rather, in the copyright enforcement business. Their entire operation is based on monetizing the value of the 700+ copyrights they have filed with the copyright office. Similarly, I must assume that 100% of their operations budget is going into the costs of enforcement, namely, computer servers, and the costs of monitoring each of the hundreds of defendants I expect they are currently tracking and will be suing in the coming months.

Future-Pacing Copyright Infringement Tracking Amazon Fire TV Devices.

No I don’t think you would get caught using Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV device. But because you COULD get caught and sued (now, AND in the future when technology advances, even slightly), why risk it when there are ways of obtaining the same content but taking Amazon 100% out of the picture (eliminating all risk of exposure)? As soon as you introduce the Fire TV stick (or any device registered to a company, whether that is Amazon, Apple, Samsung, or any other manufacturer), you increase your exposure to be sued. This is true, even if you are using a VPN on the router to which that device is connecting to access the pirated content (because the manufacturer still knows that device is registered to YOU).

Malibu Media Cases and Why To Track Their Monthly Filings


To understand the health (and to track the ultimate demise) of Malibu Media, LLC, by watching the amount of money they pay on average each month, we can see whether they are increasing or decreasing their filing fee budget.