The life of a subpoena, and at what point you are no longer anonymous.

motions-to-quash-faq Motion to Quash in One Page

TIMELINE: ISP SUBPOENAS AND ANONYMITY Any “copyright troll” bittorrent-based copyright infringement lawsuit really revolves around the subpoena which moves from the court to the accused John Doe Defendants.  Tracking a subpoena can help an accused defendant understand the timelines of when they can fight, when they can settle, when they can ignore, and whether they are anonymous … Read more

Malibu Media Anonymous Settlement is a misnomer.


MALIBU MEDIA ANONYMOUS SETTLEMENTS, BUYER BEWARE. The purpose of this article is to specifically discuss the prospect of a Malibu Media Anonymous Settlement. A Malibu Media lawsuit targets users based on bittorrent activities tracked over a long period of time. Malibu Media copyright infringement lawsuits are filed with a federal court, Malibu Media subpoenas are … Read more

How Venice PI LLC Filing lawsuits In Crowell Courts.

venice-pi-subpoena-once-upon-a-time-in-venice-movie-lawsuit Venice PI

There is a “new” copyright troll filing lawsuits with a fervor across the US named “Venice PI, LLC” (more on the word “new”; more on “across the US”).  The Venice PI lawsuits all claim $150,000 copyright infringement damages for the illegal download of the “Once Upon a Time in Venice” movie starring Bruce Willis.  ISPs … Read more

RIGHTSENFORCEMENT – New Movies Which Will Become Lawsuits


RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT still obtaining new movie company copyrights to “enforce.” Yesterday, while researching the new Headhunter, LLC North Carolina bittorrent-based copyright infringement cases, I checked back on Carl Crowell’s website looking for movies which will be lawsuits to look to see whether “A Family Man (2016)” belonged to Crowell’s “common troll” entity, and I … Read more

North Carolina Headhunter Subpoenas Are Due On 8/5.


North Carolina Headhunter Subpoena-based Cases In June, 2017, our Cashman Law Firm, PLLC had its first glimpse of the North Carolina Headhunter, LLC subpoenas.  Seeing their connection to Carl Crowell’s RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT company, we immediately created a Headhunter Productions FAQ page which addressed the NC Headhunter subpoenas.  The ‘copyright troll’ attorney who filed the NC … Read more