Siemens Industry Software Inc. defendants, we can still speak AFTER your APRIL 5TH deadline.

Siemens Industry Software Inc. siemens-industry-software-inc-lawsuits | Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Piracy Lawsuit

To those engineers implicated in the recent Siemens Industry Software Inc. v. Does 1-150 (4:20-cv-00798) lawsuit: I want to simply apologize for not being able to immediately speak to each of you.  You are all asking for appointments for the same April 5th, 2020 deadline provided to you on your Charter Communications ISP subpoena letter.  … Read more

Why the US Court of Appeals’ ruling that “an IP address is not enough to identify a defendant” will not deter the copyright trolls.

Cobbler Nevada Gonzales Case

Unless this case will stop forcing the ISPs to reveal account holders’ identities, this ruling is useless. Everybody is cheering about the news in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (this is a higher court) “Cobbler Nevada, LLC v. Thomas Gonzales,” a lawsuit filed against Gonzalez (originally a Cobbler Nevada, LLC v. Doe- (Case No. 3:15-cv-00866) … Read more