Why Copyright Troll Non-Practicing Entities Should NOT Benefit From Copyright Laws.

Photo of John Steele while running Prenda Law Inc.

Copyright Trolls should be considered Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs) because they do not create the videos giving them copyrights they sue to enforce.

Will Strike 3 Sue Miami-Dade FL Defendants in Federal Court?


Strike 3 Holdings, LLC is actively suing defendants in the federal courts, and their decision to file in the Miami-Dade Florida County Court [again] is not a replacement for the conventional copyright infringement lawsuits for $150,000 per instance of infringement, which by definition of it being a copyright infringement lawsuit MUST BE FILED IN A FEDERAL COURT.

The Truth about Kerry Culpepper IP movie lawsuits.

hb-productions-fallen-productions-settlements Multiple Settlements from One Lawsuit

HB Productions (“Hellboy”) Lawsuits and Fallen Productions (“Angel Has Fallen”) Lawsuits are likely NOT one-movie lawsuits. Plaintiff Attorneys will likely seek MULTIPLE SETTLEMENT PAYMENTS for all other titles allegedly downloaded.

Why a motion to quash might NOT be the correct approach in a Strike 3 Holdings Miami-Dade Florida Case.


Settlement Factory defense attorneys soliciting Miami-Dade Strike 3 Holdings defendants using motion to quash defense.