New “WHEN TO SETTLE, WHEN NOT TO” Strike 3 Holdings Article


Dear Cherished Reader,

Seeing that there was not a lot of accurate information on the “click here!” pay-per-click websites (those are the ones that say “Sponsored” on the Google Search Results, where these attorneys are paying close to $125-$150 per click for you to visit their website after searching for your Strike 3 Holdings LLC lawsuit), I took quite a bit of time to write a “monster” article all about Settlements — when to settle, when not to settle, etc.

THAT LINK (so that you do not miss it):

The reason I wrote this “deep dive,” “in depth” settlement article is because those websites are looking to lure you in as a client, so they might tell you anything you want to hear only to surprise you later once you are a client.

I also would love to have you as a client (why else would I write these articles?), but I am not a volume-based law firm, (that’s an old article, I actually went back into the topic in the SETTLEMENT ARTICLE under the heading “SETTLEMENT FACTORIES – Why You Should Pass On Them,”) so I would rather educate you and have you become a competent client of mine knowing how to measure the risk of whatever approach we end up taking.

Once you become a client, you will also be able to estimate the outcome you will actually achieve if you chose to settle, and what outcome or outcomes you can achieve if you pursued other often VALID approaches on how to handle these Strike 3 Holdings LLC ISP subpoena cases.

[While you might be tempted to click on that link now, *all I ask* is that you first finish reading the ISP subpoena letter defense “Sued as a John Doe” walkthrough, and at the very minimum, please take the initial steps to get in touch with me (fill out a web form, send me an e-mail, set up a phone consultation, etc.). Then enjoy the deep dive into the settlement article.

My concern is that if you click on the settlement article without taking the first steps to get in touch with me first (you do want my attention if I am going to help you with your lawsuit), you might get lost in the details of the article, and I might never hear from you again. …until you are back at my website a few months later reading my walkthrough for “What must I do when I am NAMED AND SERVED as a Defendant?” 🙂

OK, that was dark humor. I apologize.

If you have already set up a time to speak with me, then by all means, please take as much time as you would like in going through that article. I made it for you.]

-Rob Cashman

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