Another brief “Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuits” article.

Just mentioning a brief “Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit” post that I just uploaded to the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC website. I have no blog there (officially), so any articles that are not specifically linked to from the front page is as if it does not exist.

But it DOES exist because Google lists these articles when someone searches for a particular topic. Pretty cool, and yet still pretty slick.

Why I didn’t post the article on the TorrentLawyer Blog (here).

I do look forward to returning to posting articles on this TorrentLawyer Blog, but for the time being, it is still pretty much censored and blocked by Bing because it has the word “Torrent” in it. Thus, their AI does not realize I am an attorney representing defendants in copyright infringement lawsuits; rather, it thinks I am one of the piracy websites, so they blocked me and the 200+ articles I wrote on the lawsuits you all are dealing with today.

…and a bit of ranting about Bing.

And by extension, since DuckDuckGo, Brave, and all the other privacy-oriented search engines use Bing as their source of traffic and not Google (with some exception, obviously), my articles are also banned from all of those search engines too. Go figure.

…and some Bing praise.

To Bing’s credit, it did take OVER A YEAR of nudging, but they are slowly re-opening certain articles on this blog to allow them back on their search engines. This is a slow process, but I hope to have the website and blog back on search engines soon.

PS – This is a link-to-the-link-to-the article on Reddit. 🙂

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