Which Active IP Address-based Copyright Infringement Cases Are We Working On?

Which copyright cases are the active online swarm cases our Cashman Law Firm PLLC is working on for our clients? Our Cashman Law Firm, PLLC firm is focusing our efforts in representing clients in the following matters:


Strike 3 Holdings, LLC | ISP Subpoena Letter Cases

Strike 3 Holdings, LLC is a prominent copyright holder known for aggressively pursuing lawsuits against individuals alleged to have engaged in illegal downloading and sharing of adult content through online swarm networks.

They have filed numerous lawsuits targeting thousands of defendants across the United States. These lawsuits typically involve claims of copyright infringement and seek substantial financial settlements from the accused infringers.

If we have done things correctly, our articles will provide you needed tips and legal information to help you understand and navigate the legal process associated with these lawsuits, including potential defenses and strategies.

Siemens Industry Software Inc. siemens-industry-software-inc-lawsuits | Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Piracy Lawsuit
Screenshot from Siemens PLM Software’s website on the NX Mach 3 software.

Siemens Industry Software Inc. Lawsuits

Siemens Industry Software Inc., formerly known as Siemens PLM, has been filing lawsuits for many years now (in waves, as I describe here). Their lawsuits relate to unauthorized use of their NX software products.

Siemens Industry Software Inc. has filed lawsuits against individuals who are accused of infringing its copyrights by engaging in such unauthorized use.

However, while the lawsuits themselves typically seek damages for copyright infringement and aim to protect the intellectual property rights of Siemens Industry Software Inc., we at the Cashman Law Firm PLLC have understood that Siemens is simply trying to turn those who use their software without a license into licensed lawful customers.

We have learned that it is useful to separate our clients into various categories:

  1. Those who have used the Siemens software for business purposes (for profit);
  2. Those who have illegally downloaded their products because their workplace did not properly license them for the work or project they were hired to do;
  3. “Tinkerers,” meaning people who used their software to further a hobby interest, or who used their products to educate themselves about their products, and;
  4. Students, who within this category have different purposes of their use (usually related to inability to access licensed software they were permitted to use).

The Siemens Industry Software Inc. cases are very different from a copyright troll, who seeks to use the federal court systems to extort large settlements for every video the accused downloader watched illegally without a license. There are similarities because both plaintiffs use the federal court system to enforce their copyright rights. The intent, however, feels different between these two plaintiffs.

Ansys-Inc-Lawsuits Siemens-Industry-Software-Inc-Lawsuits black flat screen computer monitor
Which Active IP Address-based Copyright Infringement Cases Are We Working On? 5

(2023 UPDATE) Ansys, Inc. Software Piracy Cases

As of 2023, the Ansys Inc. v. John Doe cases are still very new, but as of writing this article and speaking to the plaintiff attorneys, they seem to be following the same patterns as the Siemens Industry Software Inc. cases.

They too have cooperated in fitting our clients into the various categories as I described with the Siemens cases, and the way they treat their defendants and their cases are also similar.

As of 5/31/2023, they have finished their “WAVE 1” of their lawsuits, and I understand that they will continue this model of using the federal courts to turn would-be infringers into loyal customers in the coming years. I personally don’t love this approach, but it is a method of setting up “forced settlements” where a person who is reluctant to purchase high cost software will make the purchase instead of defendant claims against them in litigation.

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