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Siemens PLM defendants, we can still speak AFTER your OCTOBER 5TH deadline.

To those engineers implicated in the recent Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. v. Does 1-107 (4:18-cv-02344) lawsuit:

I want to simply apologize for not being able to immediately speak to each of you.  You are all asking for appointments for the same October 5th, 2018 deadline provided to you on your Charter Communications ISP subpoena letter.  Please be patient.

Choosing “the convenient path” before October 5th.

No doubt, there are likely 10+ attorneys actively paying to advertise for your business. However, none of them are located here in Houston, Texas where the lawsuit is, where the courthouse is — where your plaintiff attorneys are. Thus, they will be actively soliciting your business to acquire you as a client for the purposes of satisfying the volume business they have set up around these lawsuits. I understand that it is convenient to jump and hire the first attorney who will have you as a client, but choosing the convenient path is exactly why you have been sued in the first place.

If you have read what I have written on the previous four waves of lawsuits (this is the 5th time they have filed lawsuits with 100+ defendants), you already know that I have successfully represented many clients against Siemens PLM and I have had clients that have both legitimized their prior illegal use by purchasing a license to their proprietary software. I have also had many clients who have had me explain that their use (although unlawful) was for personal use (off of the court docket, without their names being exposed) — they paid no settlement, they purchased no license, and they were dismissed from the lawsuit and no longer worry about being sued for their past acts of infringement.

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The “cooperative” approach vs. the litigious approach.

There are two ways to approach a Siemens PLM software piracy lawsuit — 1) fight each claim on the merits of the copyright infringement claims against each defendant, or 2) (our approach) cooperate with the Siemens attorney’s attempts to sort through each of the 107 defendants to help them determine who needs a license for their past use, and who does not. Siemens is NOT a copyright troll (contrary to popular belief and their use of mass John Doe copyright lawsuits), and so having your attorney treat them like copyright trolls will cause you problems in your lawsuit. If you look at a timeline of their cases (which I have picked a representative set of cases over the years), you see that Siemens PLM pursues former John Doe Defendants, even after lawsuits are dismissed, so applying what I have taught over the years on this website and approaching their case with what I have described as the “ignore” route (as other attorneys might) is not the recommended path to resolving the claims in this lawsuit.

The way out of this lawsuit is simply the long way out. Hire an attorney (myself of someone like me), have him represent you just as I have suggested, and have him represent you through the entire lifecycle of this lawsuit. It will be over in a few months. Just let the attorney do exactly what he has (what I have) done in the past.

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What about my October 5th, 2018 deadline? Can I file a motion to quash the subpoena?

As for your October 5th, 2018 deadline to file a motion to quash with the court to stop them from handing out your information, again, do not be fooled here. You likely do NOT live in Texas and so a motion to quash *IS* a viable option, however, it is not the recommended option. If you hire an attorney (myself or any other attorney) to file a motion to quash because you do not live in Texas, you will likely win the motion to quash and you will [most likely] be SEVERED AND DISMISSED from the lawsuit. However, be VERY AWARE that the immediate next act would be that the plaintiff attorney [from his computer using the PACER / e-filing system available across each of the federal courts in the US] would file the identical lawsuit against you personally, this time Siemens v. YOU, without the padding or anonymity that a John Doe placeholder status provides you, and without the padding that you might have sharing the liability of the lawsuit among 106 other similarly situated defendants.

In other words, don’t fall for sales tactics. Stay as private as possible (you can always contest the personal jurisdiction later and move the lawsuit into your own state if you are ever sued personally in this lawsuit). Up front, this is the 5th time Siemens PLM has sued, and I have never needed to do this nor have I had a client named and served in one of their cases. As I said, the approach is COLLABORATIVE with Siemens PLM, not litigious.

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Retaining me as your attorney before Oct. 5th is a PREFERENCE, not a requirement.

In sum, while I always PREFER to have you be a client before your October 5th, 2018 deadline before your Charter ISP hands over your information, with the Siemens PLM cases, *this is not required.*

As I have written many times, Siemens (now with their James Quail attorney) handles these cases methodically and SLOWLY. It could take weeks before they even get to your John Doe entity. For this reason, (and now understanding that you will not be filing a motion to quash before 10/5), please be patient and take my appointments on as they become available. There is no rush to have me represent everybody by October 5th, nor is this even possible.

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A quick note about limited time slots and limited availability to speak to you, at least initially.

Lastly, I assume if you have reached this article, you understand that I do not take every client that I speak to, and that there are limited time slots available (here is why). I simply run my practice in a methodical way, taking clients as I can, and one at a time. I also spend most of my time HANDLING CLIENT CASES rather than marketing for new clients.  I am simply not interested in gobbling as many clients as I can, and if you need to hire an attorney today, I will not be your attorney.

I have done the Siemens PLM cases from start-to-finish FOUR TIMES NOW. Watch my calendar for availabilities (as new ones open up), and grab them when they become available. Assuming you have read the articles on my site and are “on board” with my collaborative approach (meaning, cooperating with Siemens PLM and helping them sort through each of the 107 defendants, not blindly fighting them tooth-and-nail like any other copyright infringement or “copyright troll” lawsuit), I will happily take you as a client. This is true even if we end up speaking after your Charter ISP hands over your information to the Siemens attorneys.

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I understand this lawsuit has generated much concern for you. Please understand that I have done this before. Read what I have written about the different “categories” of defendants (based on their usage) that I have hashed out over the years. Stay calm, and understand that this will be a long but drama-free process. I look forward to speaking to you and serving you as your attorney.

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Siemens NX Lawsuit | Expecting FRCP Rule 4(m) Dismissal Due To a Missed Deadline

Siemens PLM v. Does 1-100 (TX) and missed deadlines.

As many of you know, our Cashman Law Firm, PLLC is representing a number of engineer clients who are accused in a Siemens NX lawsuit of using their Siemens NX Mach 3 software without a valid license.

Siemens as we know is using the lawsuit as a pretext to convert accused infringers into valid license holders.  The name of their lawsuit is the Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software, Inc. v. Does 1-100 (Case No. 4:16-cv-03552) case filed in the Texas Southern District Court.

The Siemens NX lawsuit attorneys just missed a deadline to name and serve defendants.

Procedurally, Siemens was under a FRCP Rule 4(m) deadline to name and serve defendants by 4/3/2017.  This deadline was set by the judge, and the judge is the one with the discretion on whether to extend it once, multiple times, or dismiss the lawsuit after a certain time period has elapsed.

As of writing this article, The Siemens NX lawsuit attorneys did not file anything on 4/3, and their deadline has passed.  Further, it has been two days without any activity on the court docket from Siemens NX.  This is not surprising, as copyright cases often miss a deadline such as this, and then they request an extension and the federal judges readily approve them, sometimes weeks later.

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What a dismissal means to your case, and how you should proceed depending on your circumstances.

A dismissal of the Siemens NX lawsuit means that you are no longer a John Doe in the case.  However, whether this matter is over or not is based on whether you are before or after the ISP handed out your information in compliance with the subpoena.

If the ISP has not yet complied with the subpoena, your contact information is still hidden from the Siemens lawsuit attorney.

If you are before the due date that your ISP gave you before they comply with the subpoena, you are in luck.  At this point, you are still anonymous, and if you hired an attorney, your attorney will likely offer to return the money you paid to him.  It would benefit you to have him contact the ISP to notify them that the Siemens NX lawsuit has been dismissed and that they should not comply with the Siemens subpoena.

By having the ISP agree not to comply with the subpoena sent to them by the Siemens NX lawsuit attorneys (Robert Riddle & Andrew Bluebond), you will remain anonymous, and your Siemens NX lawsuit plaintiff attorneys will never learn who you are.

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If the ISP has already complied with the subpoena, your contact information has been shared with the Siemens NX lawsuit plaintiff attorneys.

If the ISP date has already passed, the assumption is that the ISP already complied with the subpoena, as they told you they would.  Here, you are no longer anonymous, and the plaintiff attorney already knows who you are.

How the 3-Year statute of limitations for copyright infringement cases suddenly becomes relevant.

A dismissal at this point is inconsequential because the plaintiff attorney has already acquired the information he needs to proceed against you out of court.  The statute of limitations to sue someone for copyright infringement is three years from the alleged date of infringement.  That means that they have three years to sue you as a defendant in a copyright infringement case for this same claim*.

*NOTE: There is more on this topic, but it is outside the scope of this article.

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Whether your plaintiff attorney is a ‘copyright troll’ or now also becomes relevant.

Depending on whether your copyright holder is a ‘copyright troll’ (meaning that they will just file another lawsuit against a new set of John Doe Defendants), or whether they will continue to pursue claims against you out of court (using the information they obtained from this lawsuit), you have two options on how to proceed.

If the copyright holder is a copyright troll, a dismissal such as this one should give you reason to celebrate.  However, Siemens PLM is not a typical copyright troll, and that is why I wrote this article.

To a Siemens PLM attorney, you are worth $30K-$60K.

Each settlement in a Siemens case is worth $30K-$60K for Siemens.  The goal of the Siemens attorney is to contact defendants to arrange for a purchase of one or more NX Mach 3 “seats” or “licenses” (at roughly $30K/seat).

An engineer who has been caught using the software without a license, and who faces an ongoing $150,000 lawsuit is an easy candidate for Siemens to convert into a paying customer.  This can be done with or without a lawsuit being in play, at it would apply regardless of whether the judge dismissed the underlying lawsuit for missing the FRCP Rule 4(m) deadline, or whether they tire of being monitored by a judge and they dismiss the lawsuit themselves.

After all, they already have the information they need, and they have three years to continue contacting defendants until such a time when they are no longer able to proceed (or until the Siemens clients stops paying their fees).

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In sum, the case is NOT yet dismissed.

The Siemens PLM v. Does 1-100 Texas case is not yet dismissed, although I wanted to have this information ready for you so that you will be prepared with your options should a dismissal happen.

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