How to handle Gary Fischman and his new TX movie lawsuits.

Gary Fischman UN4, Venice PI, Headhunter LLC TXSD Lawsuits by Gary Fischman

Venice PI & Headhunter lawsuits come to Texas. Literally one month ago, I wrote about the appearance of the UN4 Productions lawsuits suing accused downloaders of the Boyka: Undisputed 4 movie in Texas.  Apparently, Gary Fischman, the plaintiff attorney for the various RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT (RIGHTSENFORCEMENT.COM) subpoena based movie infringement lawsuits has earned the right to … Read more

Why Character evidence is Really Fake Evidence.

motions-to-quash-faq Motion to Quash in One Page

Copyright trolls jump through hoops to prove that a particular “John Doe” defendant downloaded a particular movie. Because they cannot prove copyright infringement, instead, they will spy into the internet connections of their accused defendants and determine what OTHER movies that accused defendant downloaded. They use those additional downloads as inadmissible ‘character evidence’ to assert that the defendant downloaded this accused movie too.

ME2 Productions Inc. Subpoenas FAQ | What You Need to Know

UT ME2 Productions | Utah ME2 Settlement Letters Sent by Todd Zenger

ME2 Productions Inc. v. Does cases follow similar paths in each federal court. Learn how your ISP will handle subpoenas for your account info.