The Strange Case Of The Girls Gone Wild DMCA Notifications

CEG-TEK is now sending HUNDREDS of DMCA notifications (and asking for hundreds of $300 settlements) for one “click” of a bittorrent file.

How CEG-TEK Is Growing With New ISP Relationships.

CEG-TEK is expanding in the US by recruiting new ISPs such as Bright House Networks, Google Fiber, and in Canada, Videotron, Bell Aliant, and Eastlink.

CEG-TEK: Naughty or Nice?

An article on CEG-TEK’s use of “admission of guilt” language in a version of their settlement agreements when credit card transactions fail.

CEG-TEK vs RightsCorp. Same genus, different species.

RightsCorp Inc. | Digital Rights Corp | DMCA Settlement Letters

Comparing the strategies, tactics, and differences between RIAA-based copyright enforcement DMCA settlement notice outfit RightsCorp and CEG-TEK.

ISPs Limit How Long They Hold Your Information.

How time limits and purged records stop a copyright holder from learning the identity of an accused downloader. It occurred to me that there is some confusion as to what is an ISP retention policy a.k.a. an “IP address retention policy.” the effect the amount of time ISPs keep IP address logs (linking a particular … Read more