North Carolina Headhunter Subpoenas Are Due On 8/5.


North Carolina Headhunter Subpoena-based Cases In June, 2017, our Cashman Law Firm, PLLC had its first glimpse of the North Carolina Headhunter, LLC subpoenas.  Seeing their connection to Carl Crowell’s RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT company, we immediately created a Headhunter Productions FAQ page which addressed the NC Headhunter subpoenas.  The ‘copyright troll’ attorney who filed the NC … Read more

ME2 Productions Inc. Subpoenas FAQ | What You Need to Know

UT ME2 Productions | Utah ME2 Settlement Letters Sent by Todd Zenger

ME2 Productions Inc. v. Does cases follow similar paths in each federal court. Learn how your ISP will handle subpoenas for your account info.

I.T. Productions, LLC should really be called “I, Troll.”

IT Productions Lawsuits are clients of Screenshot with I.T. outlined.

I.T. Productions has sent subpoenas to Comcast and other ISPs to disclose the identities of the John Doe Defendants accused of downloading the I.T. movie.