Advice to Attorneys – How to handle Rightscorp DMCA letters.

Rightscorp DMCA lettersrightscorp-dmca-letters Rightscorp DMCA letters

Rightscorp DMCA letters are sent daily to hundreds, maybe thousands of internet users. In my “All I Know About Rightscorp in One Page” master article, I got into a discussion about the awkwardness of hiring a Rightscorp settlement attorney because of the disproportionate fees paid to our Cashman Law Firm, PLLC to facilitate and handle … Read more

All I know about Rightscorp Inc in One Page

RightsCorp Inc. | Digital Rights Corp | DMCA Settlement Letters

RIGHTSCORP THEN AND NOW Rightscorp Inc. has always been the bastard child of the RIAA. Backed by the RIAA, Rightscorp Inc. uses the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) to send DMCA copyright notices to the accused music downloaders. Rightscorp has been known to strongarm the ISPs and force them to identify the account holders who … Read more

Why I Believe MPAA/RIAA in a Scheme to Break Copyright Law

Analyzing the relationship between MPAA/RIAA and the adult film industry lawsuits (via Guardaley).

Yesterday I wrote an article suggesting the MPAA/RIAA is behind both the movie AND the porn-based lawsuits. Today I explain how I arrived at that conclusion.

RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT DMCA letters like CEG-TEK but with teeth.


RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT appears to be CEG-TEK but with a desire to sue ISP subscribers who receive DMCA notices but choose to ignore them.