Hunter Killer Productions Inc. and Their Sordid History

Kerry-Culpepper-IP 512(h) subpoenas Hunter Killer Productions Inc.

Doing a HUNTER KILLER PRODUCTIONS INC. COPYRIGHT TROLL WRITE-UP was not my initial purpose in searching PACER for documentation regarding last night’s Strike 3 Holdings LLC “turf war” article, but what I came across with Hunter Killer Productions Inc. is noteworthy because of my memories of this entity. I have useful information on Hunter Killer … Read more

Why Character evidence is Really Fake Evidence.

motions-to-quash-faq Motion to Quash in One Page

Copyright trolls jump through hoops to prove that a particular “John Doe” defendant downloaded a particular movie. Because they cannot prove copyright infringement, instead, they will spy into the internet connections of their accused defendants and determine what OTHER movies that accused defendant downloaded. They use those additional downloads as inadmissible ‘character evidence’ to assert that the defendant downloaded this accused movie too.

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I.T. Productions, LLC should really be called “I, Troll.”

IT Productions Lawsuits are clients of Screenshot with I.T. outlined.

I.T. Productions has sent subpoenas to Comcast and other ISPs to disclose the identities of the John Doe Defendants accused of downloading the I.T. movie.

Cook Productions (“Mr. Church”) Movie Lawsuits are filed across the US.

Rights Enforcement | screenshot with Mr. Church (Cook Productions) outlined.

Cook Productions sending subpoenas to ISPs and suing John Doe Defendants for copyright infringement for the download of their “Mr. Church” movie.