I.T. Productions, LLC should really be called “I, Troll.”

IT Productions Lawsuits are clients of RIGHTSENFORCEMENT.com. Screenshot with I.T. outlined.

I.T. Productions has sent subpoenas to Comcast and other ISPs to disclose the identities of the John Doe Defendants accused of downloading the I.T. movie.

Why Being Served in a Copyright Case Can Lead To Settlement

Bittorrent ‘John Doe’ Defendants are being forced deeper into copyright infringement lawsuits. Being served can backfire on a troll forcing a cheap settlement.

Attorney Fees to a Winning Defendant — “It’s a Shell Game”

Rights Enforcement | RIGHTSENFORCEMENT.com screenshot.

Voltage Pictures is playing a “shell game” by creating companies to sue defendants, but if defendants properly defend themselves, they are deprived of their attorney fee remedy when the shell company is not properly funded.