The Truth about Kerry Culpepper IP movie lawsuits.

hb-productions-fallen-productions-settlements Multiple Settlements from One Lawsuit

HB Productions (“Hellboy”) Lawsuits and Fallen Productions (“Angel Has Fallen”) Lawsuits are likely NOT one-movie lawsuits. Plaintiff Attorneys will likely seek MULTIPLE SETTLEMENT PAYMENTS for all other titles allegedly downloaded.

Hunter Killer Productions Inc. and Their Sordid History

Kerry-Culpepper-IP 512(h) subpoenas Hunter Killer Productions Inc.

Doing a HUNTER KILLER PRODUCTIONS INC. COPYRIGHT TROLL WRITE-UP was not my initial purpose in searching PACER for documentation regarding last night’s Strike 3 Holdings LLC “turf war” article, but what I came across with Hunter Killer Productions Inc. is noteworthy because of my memories of this entity. I have useful information on Hunter Killer … Read more

NY Copyright Troll Bryan DeMatteo and His Split Court.

New York Bittorrent Cases with Bryan DeMatteo | ME2 NY, UN4 NY, Venice PI NY, Headhunter NY

Bryan DeMatteo is the attorney suing John Doe Defendants in the 2017 bittorrent-based copyright infringement lawsuits in New York.  These New York bittorrent lawsuits involve “copyright trolls” such as ME2 Productions, Inc. (NY) (a.k.a. the Mechanic: Resurrection movie lawsuits), UN4 Productions, Inc. (NY) (the Boyka: Undisputed 4 movie lawsuits), Venice PI, LLC (NY) (the Once Upon a Time in Venice movie lawsuits), … Read more

BitTorrent Lawsuit Trends – ME2, Venice PI, UN4, Headhunter (8/2017)


While we are far from the end of August, we have seen a significant shift in the filing trends of the ME2 Productions movie lawsuits, a continuing trend in the UN4 Productions movie lawsuits, growth in the Headhunter LLC movie lawsuits, and an expansion of the Venice PI LLC movie lawsuits.  This shift in filing … Read more

How to handle Gary Fischman and his new TX movie lawsuits.

Gary Fischman UN4, Venice PI, Headhunter LLC TXSD Lawsuits by Gary Fischman

Venice PI & Headhunter lawsuits come to Texas. Literally one month ago, I wrote about the appearance of the UN4 Productions lawsuits suing accused downloaders of the Boyka: Undisputed 4 movie in Texas.  Apparently, Gary Fischman, the plaintiff attorney for the various RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT (RIGHTSENFORCEMENT.COM) subpoena based movie infringement lawsuits has earned the right to … Read more