CEG-TEK asleep. Why new hits?


CEG-TEK has been SILENT since the summer. Sudden ‘uptick’ of hits suggests 1) they are sending notices again, or 2) they are taking on a new partner, but who?

How CEG-TEK Is Growing With New ISP Relationships.

CEG-TEK is expanding in the US by recruiting new ISPs such as Bright House Networks, Google Fiber, and in Canada, Videotron, Bell Aliant, and Eastlink.

CEG-TEK vs RightsCorp. Same genus, different species.

RightsCorp Inc. | Digital Rights Corp | DMCA Settlement Letters

Comparing the strategies, tactics, and differences between RIAA-based copyright enforcement DMCA settlement notice outfit RightsCorp and CEG-TEK.

CEG-TEK is now your friendly “photo” copyright troll.

I try my hardest to separate out the “photo” copyright trolls from the “IP address-based” movie copyright trolls when writing articles on this blog, as they are a separate category of trolls with their own rules. In sum, “photo” copyright trolls search the web for images that are used on websites, often by bloggers, without … Read more