IRA SIEGEL (former CEG-TEK attorney)

I have added this page for internet users who have been contacted by Ira Siegel, or any of his local attorneys.  The goal here is to open the lines of communication between accused internet users so that a person contacted by this firm can share with others what was said.  It is also a good place to discuss the cases for which Siegel is the plaintiff attorney.  Should you learn of any updates regarding one of his cases, please post it here using the following format — (e.g., “New Sensations, Inc. v. Does 1-1,768 (Case No. 5:10-cv-05864) filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California”).  Please also feel free to post new cases you find on the website where Siegel, his firm, or any of his local attorneys are listed as the plaintiff attorney.

Remember to please exercise discretion when posting (e.g., do not post your real name or e-mail address), and as usual, avoid using vulgar or offensive language (both towards Siegel and towards other users).

4 thoughts on “IRA SIEGEL (former CEG-TEK attorney)”

  1. I have received one DMCA notice from my ISP, but after logging in to the URL that Ira provided, saw a total of 6 movies listed in the list of cases. However, searching on shows no pending cases?

    I’ve tried to parse this all out and figure out what to do. I’m scared as hell. I can afford the $1,200 to make this go away, but I’m paranoid that trying to pay through the site won’t help..

    • It was probably a bad idea to log into their site because now they have proof that you knew about the claim. I’d be happy to take a look at your case to see who the plaintiffs are to understand why they are not on rfcexpress; not all production companies file lawsuits. For your own good (and knowing what you posted on other parts of the website), please do not have any further contact with them. I would much rather an attorney (myself or anyone else) contact them on your behalf to either fight, negotiate, or resolve their claims against you once and for all.

      • I have also received a Notice of Copyright Infringement email which is forwarded to me by Charter. It is from CEG TEK International and Ira M. Siegel. It also has a case number. I wish I have read your posts here before logging into their website. So I have logged into their website but did not provide anymore information. I did see 3 movies listed for $250 each. I would like to know what should be the next step to handle this. Thanks.

  2. Hello! Please respond, someone, if you can. I’ve read a few articles and am slightly confused. I recently received a letter, signed “Sincerely, Ira M. Siegel”, and I’ve been looking at things since then trying to figure out what to do. I haven’t checked the claim on their websites or anything, but reading another person’s comment on a forum, I know I probably can’t pay what they’re asking. Will I be sued? Is there someone I can talk to about this? I’m horribly anxious right now, and if someone could get back to me that would be great.


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