I have added this page for internet users who have been contacted by Terik Hashmi or his Transnational Law Group, LLC.  The goal here is to open the lines of communication between accused internet users so that a person contacted by this attorney can share with others what was said.  It is also a good place to discuss the cases for which he is the plaintiff attorney.  Should you learn of any updates regarding one of his cases, please post it here using the following format — (e.g., “Digital Sin, Inc. v. Does 1-208 (Case No. 1:11-cv-00280 [or 11-CV-280]) filed in the Northern District of Florida”).  Please also feel free to post new cases you find on the http://www.rfcexpress.com website where Terik or his firm are listed as the plaintiff attorney.

Remember to please exercise discretion when posting (e.g., do not post your real name or e-mail address), and as usual, avoid using vulgar or offensive language (both towards Mr. Hashmi and towards other users).


  1. I just received by email and snail mail a letter from this attorney requesting I settle for 2500.00 because ISP says I downloaded a movie called “My Little Panties2” . I researched the title and my thoughts were right on.. a porn movie. I do not watch those nore does anyone in my family……. About 2 months ago I received a letter from my ISP advising me of a huge amount of downloaded files (gigs) from my ISP address. I went to log on to my router and could not use my password so I typed in the default password and was able to log on to the router. Someone was able to reset the router or the power must have flickered or spiked to cause it to reset some time ago..due to the fact 2 years ago I secured my wireless connection as my wife got a new laptop so she can work from home. Now my MCAFEE security software has been popping up saying it is detecting a request from an unknown source to join my network… of course I “decline” the request.
    I did receive a letter from NEUSTAR and my ISP advising me that a supeona was issued for my information but by the time I received the letter, I only had 2 days to “quash” the request…. now I am getting these letters from TERIK HASHMI / TRANSNATIONAL LAW GROUP, LLC, requesting I settle and sign a letter of release… yeah right!!!! …Upon reading about these “copyright trolls” and their antics”..(https://www.eff.org/issues/copyright-trolls)and (http://fightcopyrighttrolls.com/) and (http://dietrolldie.com/)and because this is not an “official document” from any court(s).. I have decieded to just let it lay untiI receive something official.
    All of the above mentioned websites have helped me learn a great deal about these “trolls” and what to expect…. Just remember “someone always bites off more than they can chew”

    • They have been taken over by Mike Meier, but the judge is not letting him off the hook just for replacing Terik Hashmi. The original order was to show WHY the case should NOT be dismissed for it being filed illegally (e.g., by an attorney who had no authority to file it). Replacing the case with a legal attorney NOW doesn’t cure the initial problem that the case should not have been filed in the first place. (Mike Meier has told the judge he intends to immediately refile anyway if they get dismissed, but the judge is not yet convinced they should go forward.) Just watching and waiting for some order or some definite ruling here, just as you are. -Rob

      • There are no odds. Terik Hashmi just filed an “I’m sorry” letter to the court, which, if my eyes are anything like the judge’s eyes, he’ll dismiss the case with prejudice just for the laughable reason that Hashmi pretty much repeated all of the arguments Mike Meier made in his motion asking the court to allow the case to move forward. Then again, it could just as easily go the other way, as the case law they cited is good law. I wouldn’t be surprised either way, and I am simply sitting back and watching to see what will happen before I advise my clients further.

  2. Thank you for the all responses.I do have one last question.I recall Hashmi was to show reason on March 9,since then when is the date on the new ruling?

  3. Judge Hinkle ordered the cases in the Northern District of Florida dismissed without prejudice. Plaintiff can re-file.

  4. Mr. Terik Hashmi “worked” on my immigration case, and dooped me into paying him almost 5k in Attorney fees. Where can I report him? I know of other clients as well, where he has promised and not delivered.

  5. my sis in law and bro have an immigration case with him , and as I’m researching him it seems that he is not “legit”. If this is the same “law firm andor attorney” he’s out here giving out services.

  6. Yesterday , I left a comment and it seems it got erased.. My bro and sis in law hired this “law firmAttorney” for an immigration case and has not given them any info. If this is the same “Law Firm Attorney” we are talking about let me say that he’s giving out services here in AZ. My question do you know if he’s not authorized at all to represent as an attorney? or does he has any kind of authorization to do so?

    • Just check on the attorney register on the State Bar of Arizona. Every state has one, so you can look up whether Terik Hashmi is an admitted attorney or not (I would be surprised if he made the same mistake twice). Good luck to you!

  7. My husband and I have a case here in AZ, everything looked good but now he doesn’t reply to my messages or phone calls. Our case at USCIS seems to be stuck!! I would like to know if there are other people like me.. We have pad him 3,000 until now and are still in the same situation.

  8. Many years ago Terik Hasmi and his immigration firm in Miami, FL had my green card case as well as working visa status initial and maintenence-extension.
    He did excelent job with my working visa and was very profesional.
    Then he prepared paperwork for Labor Certification for my green card as a whole green card process under our contract. After long time of waiting (more than 1 year) for Labor Certification to be aproved by Department of Labor thare was attorney contract fee upon aproval of Labor certification that I had paid. After that there was the very last inslallment fee of $1,500 to complete process by his firm. That final installment was included in a contract that both sides had signed before the whole process started yet he demended additional $1,500 fee outside the contract out od blue!
    Simply after last inslallment that I paid i did nor receive anything from his firm. I should have received final aplication prepared i-140 according with our agrement.
    To my question for a reason I receceived silent treatment for many weeks. I emailed them and call them several times. I never received any answer. They didn’t contact me until I demanded from them sending me back the original of aproved Labor Certification and all my paperwork that they had on file. Their assistant asked-stall me who my new attorney would be so they could send the paperwotk directly to them .
    My boss-sponsor answered that we did not decide yet and we would take that decision later.
    After that, according with law they had to and they did send me original of Labor Certification and all the paperwork.
    From that moment on my boss took over my case and we finalalized the process succesfully by ourselves. No another attorney was needed.


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