Does Culpepper IP want to attack the ISPs next?

Culpepper Served Defendants

I have been speaking to a number of accused defendants who are pretty shocked about Kerry Culpepper’s most recent lawsuit in Colorado. Likely to prove that Culpepper IP’s settlement demand e-mails actually have “teeth,” Kerry Culpepper of Culpepper IP has not only sued defendants for the copyright infringement of his movie clients’ copyrighted movies, but … Read more

Strike 3 Holdings Dirty Secret: they already know your name.


Strike 3 Holdings’ filings pretend they are against “unknown” John Doe defendants, even though they already know the identities of each defendant.



The purpose of this article is to specifically discuss the prospect of a Strike 3 Holdings Anonymous Settlement. A Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit targets users based on the activities taken by their IP address over a long period of time. Strike 3 Holdings copyright infringement lawsuits are filed with a federal court, Strike 3 Holdings … Read more

IGNORE route representation empowers a defendant to say “NO” to extortion.

ignore route represenation

Why I love the IGNORE route for our innocent clients. I wanted to take a moment to share a revelation I had regarding the IGNORE route — a strategy we often discuss with clients who did not do the download and do not wish to settle. NOTE: The word “ignore” is actually a misnomer, as … Read more

The life of a subpoena, and at what point you are no longer anonymous.

motions-to-quash-faq Motion to Quash in One Page

TIMELINE: ISP SUBPOENAS AND ANONYMITY Any “copyright troll” bittorrent-based copyright infringement lawsuit really revolves around the subpoena which moves from the court to the accused John Doe Defendants.  Tracking a subpoena can help an accused defendant understand the timelines of when they can fight, when they can settle, when they can ignore, and whether they are anonymous … Read more