Does Culpepper IP want to attack the ISPs next?

Culpepper Served Defendants

I have been speaking to a number of accused defendants who are pretty shocked about Kerry Culpepper’s most recent lawsuit in Colorado. Likely to prove that Culpepper IP’s settlement demand e-mails actually have “teeth,” Kerry Culpepper of Culpepper IP has not only sued defendants for the copyright infringement of his movie clients’ copyrighted movies, but … Read more



The purpose of this article is to specifically discuss the prospect of a Strike 3 Holdings Anonymous Settlement. A Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit targets users based on the activities taken by their IP address over a long period of time. Strike 3 Holdings copyright infringement lawsuits are filed with a federal court, Strike 3 Holdings … Read more

When is it too late to hire a lawyer in a John Doe lawsuit?

ISP Subpoena Timeline & Anonymity Timeline

The best time to hire an attorney is immediately when the ISP sends the subpoena letter indicating you have been implicated as a John Doe in the lawsuit.