Malibu Media California cases ordered to reveal geolocation accuracy.


Malibu Media targets accused defendants who live in ‘wealthy’ neighborhoods and ignores defendants who they believe do not have the ‘assets’ to pay them the ransom they demand from each accused downloader.

TX Judge Hughes Disallows I.T. Productions From ‘Suing Does’

IT Productions Lawsuits are clients of Screenshot with I.T. outlined.

Texas Federal Judge Hughes prevents I.T. Productions attorney Gary Fischman to refer to ISP subscriber recipients as “John Does”, but rather as “IP Subscriber.”

Did ME2 Attorney Fischman disclose real Interested Parties?

UT ME2 Productions | Utah ME2 Settlement Letters Sent by Todd Zenger

We question whether Gary Fischman properly disclosed the real interested parties in the ME2 Productions John Doe lawsuits, or whether he listed a shell company.

Malibu Media, LLC cases facing hard scrutiny in California.


Malibu Media focused 75% of their new copyright filings in CAND, and Judge Alsup took every case. Will he allow them to send subpoenas to ISP subscribers?

John Steele & Prenda Law Caught Lying. Sanctioned $500,000.

Photo of John Steele while running Prenda Law Inc.

John Steele, owner of Prenda Law Inc. has tried to hide that he is behind each of the lawsuits. He was recently caught lying and was sanctioned $500,000.