NY Judge asks Malibu the ‘are adult films copyrightable’ question.


NY Judge asserts the ‘is porn copyrightable’ question against Malibu Media, LLC.


“GOING TO TRIAL: BAD!” I was watching the DC Malibu Media, LLC case which was assigned to Judge Facciola, and on 9/25, there was an order which concerned me. In view of PA Judge Baylson’s order forcing Malibu Media to name and serve defendants, or else, this order became relevant. We all know that Judge … Read more

How improper joinder can end infringement cases once and for all…

I am very excited to see that judges are starting to get involved in the discussion of whether it is proper to sue tens, hundreds, or thousands of John Doe Defendants accused of downloading copyrighted films (usually pornographic in character, and using BT to do so) in one lawsuit. Just a few days ago, I … Read more