Malibu Media, LLC cases facing hard scrutiny in California.


Malibu Media focused 75% of their new copyright filings in CAND, and Judge Alsup took every case. Will he allow them to send subpoenas to ISP subscribers?

What is the REAL RELATIONSHIP between your ISP and CEG-TEK?

Understanding the relationships between a copyright troll, their agent, and the ISP.

CEG-TEK: What are the risks if you live in Canada?

Considerations of the risks and exposures a Canadian citizen has to being accused of copyright infringement by a U.S. based copyright holder.

What is AGENCY? Can an entity enforce a copyright they do not own? (Think, CEG-TEK.)

A quick lesson on Agency and how it relates to copyright enforcement groups soliciting and collecting settlements for copyrights they do not own.

CEG-TEK vs RightsCorp. Same genus, different species.

RightsCorp Inc. | Digital Rights Corp | DMCA Settlement Letters

Comparing the strategies, tactics, and differences between RIAA-based copyright enforcement DMCA settlement notice outfit RightsCorp and CEG-TEK.