Motion to Quash a Subpoena (FAQ); when to file; when NOT to file.

motions-to-quash-faq Motion to Quash in One Page

What is a motion to quash, and how is it relevant in my copyright infringement lawsuit? A motion to quash is a request for a court to render a previous decision null or invalid. In copyright infringement lawsuits, motions to quash are requests to nullify a decision made by the court which allowed the plaintiff attorney to send subpoenas … Read more

Why a motion to quash might NOT be the correct approach in a Strike 3 Holdings Miami-Dade Florida Case.


Settlement Factory defense attorneys soliciting Miami-Dade Strike 3 Holdings defendants using motion to quash defense.

How Paul Beik names and serves Malibu Media LLC defendants.


How Paul Beik of Beik Law Firm PLLC has Texas Malibu Media LLC John Doe Defendants named and served.

The life of a subpoena, and at what point you are no longer anonymous.

motions-to-quash-faq Motion to Quash in One Page

TIMELINE: ISP SUBPOENAS AND ANONYMITY Any “copyright troll” bittorrent-based copyright infringement lawsuit really revolves around the subpoena which moves from the court to the accused John Doe Defendants.  Tracking a subpoena can help an accused defendant understand the timelines of when they can fight, when they can settle, when they can ignore, and whether they are anonymous … Read more