How Paul Beik names and serves Malibu Media LLC defendants.


How Paul Beik of Beik Law Firm PLLC has Texas Malibu Media LLC John Doe Defendants named and served.


John Steele, mastermind of Prenda Law has been indicted on mail fraud and wire fraud charges for sending copyright infringement extortion letters via the mail.

Florida ‘Manny Film LLC v. John Doe’ cases suffer a black eye (FLSD)

It appears to me as if the Manny Film geolocatoin-based bittorrent piracy lawsuits in Southern Florida have just received their first black eye.

Need to rehash some bittorrent concepts because they are just as relevant today as they were five years ago.

Every few years it is important to rehash some older bittorrent concepts which are still relevant to today’s copyright infringement lawsuits.

Dallas Buyers Club, LLC attorney tiptoes dangerously near Judge Hughes’ order.

Dallas Buyers Club, LLC attorney Keith Vogt names and serves multiple John Doe Defendants in his Texas cases.