Unintended consequences of winning the war against trolls.

An analysis of how copyright enforcement companies and bittorrent copyright trolls change their strategies for the worse when they lose revenue.

Need to rehash some bittorrent concepts because they are just as relevant today as they were five years ago.

Every few years it is important to rehash some older bittorrent concepts which are still relevant to today’s copyright infringement lawsuits.

Privacy & Security Considerations For Your Laptop Computer

This is a post about security and privacy. I speak about what could go wrong if you do not secure your computer, and my thoughts about encryption and privacy.

CEG-TEK’s new “you didn’t settle” letters sent from Marvin Cable.

Back in November 2012, I wrote an article about CEG-TEK’s CopyrightSettlements.com web site “crashes” where following a failed settlement transaction (purposeful or not), accused infringers received letters essentially saying, “[B]ecause you have decided not to settle, we will be moving forward against you in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Please pay us $3,500 or else we … Read more

The snooping techniques your copyright trolls use against you.

This will be a tough article to write, but someone needs to say this.  If you are accused as a John Doe Defendant in a IP address-based copyright infringement lawsuit, your first step needs to be to make your identity online disappear.  I would use politically correct terminology such as “manage your online presence,” but … Read more