The list below details the tagged categories based on copyright troll attorneys we have dealt with, copyright trolls themselves and the cases they have filed against John Doe Defendants, federal judge rulings we have outlined for you, and issues relating to the bittorrent piracy / copyright infringement cases which have been moving across the U.S. federal courts.

Quite frankly, it has been a very busy seven years, and while many more people have been hurt by the plaintiffs’ tactics that we describe in our blog, and while people have been sued in many more states than we have written about here, it is still interesting to see (based on the tagging of our articles) the nerve centers of which copyright trolls have had the most activity, and where the cases have been focused.



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  1. I received a notice from ceg-tek, and I did get on their website, but was forced to call. I did call, and I did say “I know I did it” but that was it as far as guilt. What should my next course of action be?

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Motions to Quash ISP Subpoena Letters, Malibu Media Lawsuits, Rightscorp DMCA Settlement Notices, and Helping John Does.