Malibu Media, LLC cases facing hard scrutiny in California.


Malibu Media focused 75% of their new copyright filings in CAND, and Judge Alsup took every case. Will he allow them to send subpoenas to ISP subscribers?

Malibu Media, LLC appears to be on a $20K/mo. filing budget.


After firing Lipscomb (figurehead), Malibu Media stopped filing bittorrent-based copyright infringement lawsuits… and then recently started filing again.

I Predict No Orange Jumpsuits For Prenda. Just sanctions.

Prenda Law was caught forging the name “Alan Cooper” on the copyright assignment documents. I predict the result of their being caught will be sanctions.

Malibu targets the wealthy in their geolocation tracking.


Malibu Media targets rich neighborhoods, and introduces prejudicial character evidence into each case.

Prenda Law Inc. is essentially finished.

Sometimes there are no words other than silence to best express the thoughts I have about Judge Wright’s order essentially referring John Steele and the Prenda Law Inc. gang to the IRS’ Criminal Investigation Division (CID) for all the settlements on which no taxes were paid. There is one police agency that a criminal organization … Read more