Which Lipscomb attorneys stayed with Malibu Media, LLC?


Malibu Media “old guard” attorneys Patrick Cerillo and Jon Hoppe enjoy preserved territory, even if they file fewer cases than newer attorney Jaqueline James.

Confirmed: Malibu Media invests $400 filing fees @$20K/month


Continuing our 2016 analysis, Malibu Media LLC is still spending on average $20,000 in $400 filing fees plus the cost of subpoenas for each John Doe lawsuit.

2017 Malibu Media – Which Attorneys Filed Cases and Where?


Malibu Media, LLC is splitting new lawsuits between attorneys Jacqueline James, Patrick Cerillo, and Andrew Kumar to sue John Doe Defendants in NY/NJ/CT/TX.

Understanding the patterns of filings by Malibu Media, LLC.


Malibu Media is now suing in Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. These are “safe haven” courts because of past rulings who allowed Malibu’s cases to proceed.

Manny Film LLC bittorrent lawsuits are really a story of defense attorney betrayal.

An article about Manny Film LLC lawsuits shifts towards Defense Attorney Tamaroff who once represented defendants but became a copyright troll.