Cook Productions (“Mr. Church”) Movie Lawsuits are filed across the US.

Rights Enforcement | screenshot with Mr. Church (Cook Productions) outlined.

Cook Productions sending subpoenas to ISPs and suing John Doe Defendants for copyright infringement for the download of their “Mr. Church” movie.

ME2 Productions Bittorrent Lawsuits Have Come To Houston, TX

UT ME2 Productions | Utah ME2 Settlement Letters Sent by Todd Zenger

ME2 Productions via Attorney Gary Fischman sued John Doe Defendants for Copyright Infringement in Texas.

John Steele & Prenda Law Caught Lying. Sanctioned $500,000.

Photo of John Steele while running Prenda Law Inc.

John Steele, owner of Prenda Law Inc. has tried to hide that he is behind each of the lawsuits. He was recently caught lying and was sanctioned $500,000.