RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT is a Reverse-Engineered CEG-TEK Evil Twin


Clarifying what exactly is RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT, who is Carl Crowell, and how to handle the DMCA copyright infringement notices received from your ISP.

RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT DMCA letters like CEG-TEK but with teeth.


RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT appears to be CEG-TEK but with a desire to sue ISP subscribers who receive DMCA notices but choose to ignore them.

How CEG-TEK Is Growing With New ISP Relationships.

CEG-TEK is expanding in the US by recruiting new ISPs such as Bright House Networks, Google Fiber, and in Canada, Videotron, Bell Aliant, and Eastlink.

What is the REAL RELATIONSHIP between your ISP and CEG-TEK?

Understanding the relationships between a copyright troll, their agent, and the ISP.

CEG-TEK’s Growing List Of ISPs, And Their NEW Alliance With COX Communications.


An increase in the number of internet users receiving DMCA settlement demand letters is concerning, especially with a growing list of ISPs working with CEG-TEK.