Thinking about Malibu Media’s single “Doe” lawsuits.


With all the drama going on in the Prenda Law Inc. defamation cases (most recently, they have sent a subpoena to WordPress asking for every IP address who visited SJD or DTD’s website since 2011), I wanted to make sure the other lawsuits didn’t take advantage of this diversion. Thinking about the Malibu Media, LLC single … Read more

Hard Drive Productions lawsuit is DEAD and Prenda attorneys still calling.

Prenda Law Inc. seeking settlements AFTER their Hard Drive Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-1,495 (Case No. 1:11-cv-01741) was dismissed.

How Judge Beryll Howell’s Decision Affects “John Doe” Defendants.

Over the past few days, as a response to last weeks article where plaintiff attorneys Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver dumped thousands of defendants, Judge Beryl Howell wrote a memorandum indicating which issues the US District Court for the District of Columbia court will hear, and which they will not. In short, as the various articles … Read more

NAMED AND SERVED | When a Defendant Stops Being a John Doe

TorrentLawyer University | Named and Served Defendant

When is a bittorrent user “named and served”? QUESTIONS ASKED ON BEING NAMED AND SERVED: At what point is an accused torrent user ‘named and served’ in a lawsuit? Is it once the ISP turns over his information to the attorneys? What do I do if I am ‘named and served’ in such a lawsuit? … Read more