Why I suspect MG Premium Ltd. will soon be suing defendants.


I suspect MG Premium Ltd. will soon be suing users caught STREAMING adult films (instead of being caught downloading with bittorrent). Watch.

RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT Sending DMCA Letters for Adult Films


RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT is sending DMCA settlement demand notices for adult film porn companies such as Reality Kings, Brazzers, and Digital Playground.

CEG-TEK asleep. Why new hits?


CEG-TEK has been SILENT since the summer. Sudden ‘uptick’ of hits suggests 1) they are sending notices again, or 2) they are taking on a new partner, but who?

CEG-TEK’s client list.

I believe it is the duty of the copyright holders to “police their own copyrights,” meaning, if a company sees a file sharing tracker or website hosting an unlicensed copy of their copyrighted work, BY ALL MEANS, issue a DMCA takedown notice to the website or to the file sharing tracker, and that torrent will … Read more