All of us are *still* waiting for a decision on the West Coast Productions v. Does 1-5829 case.

[7/10 Update: As of this morning, there is *still* no new activity in this case.  I will continue to monitor the docket, and as soon as I see anything, I will be sure to post about it.]

A lot of people have been asking about the West Coast Productions v. Does 1-5829 case (1:11-cv-00057-CKK) in the US District Court for the District of Columbia. As per our most recent article on the case, the deadline for Judge Kollar-Kotelly’s 5/11 Order (Doc. #72 in the case docket) requiring all remaining defendants be named and served or dismissed by June 30th has passed and there has yet to be a decision.

I will post an article on this site as soon as a decision has been rendered. For those of you that will be dismissed, allow me to congratulate you now.  For those of you that may remain defendants (if a dismissal does not occur or should the case continue on), should you realize that you still need an attorney, you may schedule an appointment for me to answer questions about your case at