Another brief “Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuits” article.

Strike 3 Holdings LLC

Just mentioning a brief “Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit” post that I just uploaded to the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC website. I have no blog there (officially), so any articles that are not specifically linked to from the front page is as if it does not exist. But it DOES exist because Google lists these articles … Read more

A word on Kodi Add-ons


I just finished drafting the article entitled, “Why Kodi users are being sued for copyright infringement.” The purpose of writing that article was to voice the real threat that Kodi Add-ons which connect to IP address file sharing networks can get users sued in federal court for copyright infringement. [This follow-up article about Kodi Add-ons … Read more

VIXEN – Not to be confused with a rock band, clothing line.


If you are actually looking for Vixen porn videos (e.g., VIXEN GROUP adult film videos related to the Vixen Blacked, Tushy, and Deeper. brand names), you do not need to go to illegal sources which can get you sued.